Life Insurance

Life is can be an incredible journey with a lot of twists and turns. As your life changes if it always a good idea to consider or review your life insurance policy. 

Protecting Your Family for Life

None of us like thinking about worst-case scenario but we all know the unexpected can happen. If the worst happens do you want to help plan for your family’s future financial stability if they must go on without you? Life insurance may help ensure they have the finances they need. 

An agent can show you a variety of options you can tailor to your budget and circumstance. Life insurance plans may be more affordable than you think!

Types of Coverage

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance policies have premiums that remain consistent for a specified period of time. At the end of the premium period, premiums will generally increase. Coverage continues as long as the premiums are paid. Perhaps this is an option you may want to consider when you’re on a more limited budget and will have significant expenses over a shorter period of time.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life is permanent insurance and means you’re insured throughout your entire life, or until the policy matures. As long as the premiums are paid those premiums will stay level as long as the policy remains in effect. Permanent insurance typically accumulates a cash value that can be accessed while you’re still alive.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life is permanent insurance that may also accumulate a cash value.  You can tailor a policy to meet your specific priorities and budget. This life insurance also offers more control over how quickly the cash value grows.

Some Typical Situations

Your family is young and still growing. You’re  juggling a mortgage, auto payments, school costs and more. While your expenses may continue to expand over time, you may want an affordable life insurance policy that will help you plan for your family’s financial future.

You’re more established in life. Life insurance at this stage can mean providing a death benefit to your beneficiaries, and can also be leveraged to help support things like  retirement income, caring for a family member.

You’re single and have no children. The benefits from your life insurance policy may help support obligations such as the costs of your personal debts, and may also help leave a legacy to a loved one or a favorite charity.

Talk to an agent today to discuss the perfect life insurance policy to protect your legacy.