Buying Insurance for Your Home Explained

Who needs to know the ins and outs of buying homeowner’s insurance? Only anyone who is buying a home! If only it were as simple as, “Hello, I need insurance for my home.” “Sure. Sign here.” Yeah, but. Like any purchase, buying insurance for your home means you need to have adequate knowledge for what […]

The Best Things to Do and See in Nashville, Tennessee

Things to do in Nashville

Whether you are a newly arrived resident or just visiting Nashville, people often ask this question: What is there to do in Nashville? Nashville has long been known as Music City USA and the Country Music Capitol of the World. There’s even a Music Row, but it’s for music business, not concerts so don’t bring […]

When Do You Need a Commercial Insurance Policy?

commercial insurance

If you have a business, you need a commercial insurance policy to protect it.  No matter the size of your business (and yes, side hustles count!), do not rely on your regular policies (homeowners, auto) to provide coverage for your business and its assets (like vehicles). You could end up with a tremendous amount of […]

Why are My Home Insurance Rates Going Up?

home insurance rates

If you have a home insurance policy, you might have noticed recent increase in your rates (or warnings of rates to come). It’s happening, and it’s widespread. A recent article in USA Today noted both home and auto rates are increasing, but: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much rates will increase because they vary […]

Buying a Home in Nashville? 3 Things to Know

Moving to Nashville

With an average of 30+ new people a day moving to Nashville right now, this city is becoming much more than the bachelorette capital of the world. Why? Cost of living (still low relative to other cities with similar volume of opportunity and activities) Economic opportunity (Oracle, Dell, Amazon, and Facebook all made decisions to […]