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Why Did My Auto Rates Go up When Nothing Else Has Changed?

Quick take: Why did my auto insurance rates go up? Changes in your life, driving record or auto insurance policy can impact rates, but are not the only factors. More vehicles are on the road and drivers are distracted behind the wheel, which leads to more accidents, more severe damages and injuries, and increased claims. The state in which you live could also impact your auto insurance rates.

You May Have Hundreds of Square Feet of Livable Space Hiding Away in That Dusty Attic

When Atlanta residents Elisabeth Bergman and her husband, Joel Lindsey, and their two kids started to feel cramped in their three-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,300-square-foot Craftsman, they decided to expand up — into the attic.

Do I Need Boat Insurance in the Off Season?

Here are some points to remember: The length of boat season varies by location, and your premium is based on the average use in your area. Even so, your policy can provide year-round coverage. Remember that damage or theft can happen at the dock or in storage.

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Condominium, According to Condo Owners

When Karen Unger was looking to make the leap from apartment renter to homeowner in the 1990s in Southern California, she briefly considered buying a house. But she quickly realized she’d want an older one, with character, and that the upkeep would prove expensive, maybe even overwhelming.

What Steps I Should Take If I’m in an Accident?

Here are the main points to remember right after an accident: If you’re in a safe place, stay on the scene. Call 911 if there are injuries or the roadway is blocked. Be sure to exchange driver’s licenses and insurance cards. Take pictures of the accident scene and vehicle damage.

Genius Ideas for Disaster-Proofing Heirlooms and Mementos in Your Home

Karen Baker will never forget September 26, 2015. Like a lot of moms, she was spending her Saturday shopping for back-to-school clothes for her two kids, when her cell phone rang. A neighbor was calling. "Get home now," she told Karen. “Your house is on fire."